Key Issues(Reasons of failures)


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  • Some basic spellings mistakes
  • Poor sentence construction: Fused/Grammatical Incorrect/Meaningless Sentences
  • Inappropriate content (Irrelevant and repeated)
  • Punctuation (Use of capital letters, comma, semicolon and inverted commas)
  • Present Simple Tense (Where to use s or es with verb of singular noun or pronoun)
  • Difference between Present Perfect and Simple Past tense
  • Past Perfect can never appear alone
  • Difference between Continuous and Perfect Continuous tense
  • Use of a and an with countable and uncountable nouns and excessive use of the
  • Faulty structure
  • Poor presentation
  • Candidate's inability to understand the crux of any topic
  • Often word limit is not followed
  • Outlines are not well developed or relevant
    “They make lengthy outlines with very little relevant material. Rarely, outlines are quite relevant and extensive, but they are not well organized and have not been followed in essay.”
  • Any argument, no matter how strong, needs sufficient support/justification (Quotation, saying, reference, examples, facts, figures, arguments and compare and contrast).
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